Bankruptcy and Cars

Bankruptcy and CarsBankruptcy and Cars

Bankruptcy and Cars.  What options do I have to keep my Car is I file Bankruptcy and I have a loan on my car? When you file a bankruptcy, you will have the option to declare your the intention to “retain collateral and continue to make regular payments” on a car loan.  You should not that the Court finds that: 1) the automatic stay expires 30 days after filing, 2)the collateral was no longer property of the bankruptcy estate, and 3) repossession of the vehicle did not violate the say after 30 days. For more information you can review the case:  In re McFall, 356 B.R. 674 (Bkrtcy. N.D.) Ohio 2006).

Under S 521(a)(2) a debtor who has financed their car, and filed bankruptcy, has 30 days to declare their intention to reaffirm, redeem, or surrender their car (or other personal property); and another 30 days after the 341 hearing to perform that intention. If the debtor does not reaffirm, redeem, or surrender their car (or other personal property) timely, then X362 (h) provides that the stay is lifted as to the property and the creditor is able to recover the car (or other collateral), since it ceases to be part of the property of the bankruptcy estate. Thus, in such cases, not only can the creditor take the collateral, but the Trustee in a Chapter 7 case also loses the bankruptcy estate’s interest in it as well and is not able to take possession of the property.

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