Foreclosure Bankruptcy Laws

Foreclosure Bankruptcy LawsForeclosure Bankruptcy Laws – Foreclosures are initially stayed by a bankruptcy. But, the stay won’t apply if you filed another bankruptcy case within the previous two years and the court, in that proceeding, lifted the stay and allowed the lender to proceed with the foreclosure. Sadly, the law does not allow you to prevent a foreclosure by filing serial bankruptcies.

Even if this is your first bankruptcy, filing doesn’t stop time periods associated with the state’s foreclosure procedures from “running”. For example, once a homeowner receives advance notice of foreclosure, the home may not be sold until the notice period has ended. Filing bankruptcy won’t stop the notice period from elapsing. But the sale itself can’t happen while you are in bankruptcy unless the foreclosing party gets permission form the bankruptcy judge by filing a Motion to Lift Stay.

Even in circumstances where the stay would otherwise apply, you can lose its protection through your own actions. The stay may not protect you from collection efforts if 1) you had a bankruptcy case pending within the year before you file your current case, and the court refuses your request to allow the stay to kick in, or you don’t meet the deadlines set out in the bankruptcy code for dealing with property that serves as collateral for a secured debt.

If you are facing the threat of the foreclosure of your home you need to act quickly if you would like to use the Foreclosure Bankruptcy Laws to help you protect your home. An attorney can help you decide if foreclosure bankruptcy laws can help by discussing all your options.

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