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Avoidance Action Timely Filed

Avoidance Action Timely FiledHow do you know if a Court would see an avoidance action timely filed? Here’s an example of a court’s process.

The order for relief was entered in debtor’s case on September 13, 2004. The trustee filed avoidance actions on September 13. 2006, seeking to avoid several transfers of real property and marketable securities that were made to debtor’s spouse. The spouse subsequently filed a motion to dismiss on the basis of the action being time-barred under § 546(a).  The bankruptcy court and district courts both overruled her dismissal motion.  The spouse then sought a ruling from the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, In re Raynor, 406 B.R. 375 (8th Cir. BAP2009).

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals likewise found that the avoidance action of the Trustee was timely filed under § 546(a) the court found that the specified avoidance actions “may not be commenced after the earlier of the later of 2 years after the entry of the order for relief.”

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals found that although the language was “inelegant,.. it was nevertheless unambiguous and included the 2-year anniversary date so long as the complaint was filed before midnight of that date.   Accordingly, the trustee’s avoidance action timely and not time-barred.

If you have questions about real property and securities transfers to a spouse when you are considering filing a bankruptcy, or if a transfer avoidance action timely filed – you should seek the advice of an experience bankruptcy attorney to discuss your options.

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