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Unauthorized Bankruptcy Mortgage Refinancing.

Unauthorized Bankruptcy Mortgage RefinancingConsidering an Unauthorized Bankruptcy Mortgage Refinancing? If you file a bankruptcy, you must get the bankruptcy court’s permission to refinance your mortgage (or enter into any new debts) while your assets are still part of the bankruptcy estate, controlled by the Court and the Trustee to avoid an unauthorized bankruptcy mortgage refinancing.

Here’s some court cases that explain the issues with the unauthorized bankruptcy mortgage refinancing.  The two courts involved are the First Circuit BAP and the Eighth Circuit BAP both addressed unauthorized post-petition refinancing.

In In re Marrero, the lender on the two mortgages obtained stay relief in order to foreclose because the debtor was behind on the mortgages. The Debtor, in order to avert the foreclosure, refinanced the indebtedness without notifying or obtaining authority from the Trustee or the Court. In the process, the lender cancelled the two earlier mortgages, and replaced them with a single new mortgage in its favor.

The Trustee moved the court to avoid the refinanced mortgages.  Affirming the Bankruptcy Court, the BAP held that the Trustee could avoid the new mortgage as an unauthorized post-petition transfer under S549(a). The Court found that the Mortgage Company could not use the good-faith defense of S549(c), since the lender had known about the bankruptcy case. Further, once the new mortgage was avoided by the Court, the property became unencumbered, because the prior mortgages had been released. The Trustee could, therefore, sell the property.

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